World Waveski Surfing Association


World Waveski Surfing Association


The World Waveski Surfing Association (WWSA) are the global peak body who are charged with supporting the development of Waveski Surfing globally as well as running the World Waveski Titles!


In addition to this, WWSA are truly a global leader in the adaptive water sports area giving people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to enjoy the ocean and surf new opportunity to again engage in both!!

The World Waveski Surfing Association and the world’s leading equipment sharing platform, Quipmo and have just signed global partnership!!


In a sport where it’s naturally challenging to travel with gear, this partnership offers the chance for people to waveski surf all around the world! Whether you’re travelling in Spain or Australia, this partnership will help people find gear they want so that they can participate in the sport they love!

Gus Presa President of WWSA said of the partnership – “We are incredibly happy to announce our partnership with Quipmo. Our sport is small in numbers and Quipmo is offering us a great opportunity to little by little, get more visibility and attract new people into the sport! All the gear you have in your garage could be now rented by travellers and when you’re travelling it’s going to be easier than ever to access gear. Thanks to Quipmo for offering us such an exciting opportunity.”




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