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Welcome to Perth!

Perth: A magic little city that is a true playground! SUP Cottesloe Beach, kite the Swan River, cycle Kings Park, explore Greenmount’s downhill trails or get kegged at Rottnest Island’s secluded breaks. Perth offers warm weather and rich natural beauty at every turn.

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Start your adventure today!


Find your conditions

A climate built for the outdoors!

With over 260 days with sun per year, Perth’s climate offers incredible opportunity to get outdoors and into your next adventure!


Perth’s Weather Now!

See Perth’s weather forecast now and make a call on exactly what adventure you can have today!


Perth’s Surf Forecast!

See the swell, tide and wind forecast and find your perfecct spot whether that’s looking for a baz or a breeze!


Find your surf

Perth is a water lover’s playground!

Perth is built all around the water and city’s culture matches just that! Everything you could want to do is here and right at your fingertips!


Awesome Surf for any Ability!

There are awesome surf spots all around Perth with options perfect for beginners right through to advanced surfers. Whether you’re chasing heaving barrels over at Rottnest or perfect long board rollers at Isolators in Cottesloe – there’s something for everyone!


World Class Water!

With crystal clear water on Perth’s coastline, amazing coral reefs at Rottnest, or perfect flat water on the beautiful Swan River – there’s options all year round and for every adventure!


World Class Wind!

Perth offers world class kiting with some of the best wind in the world! Whether you’re on a foil, twin tip or want to get in the surf – there is every option right at your doorstep!

Find your path

Whether you’re chasing the road or the dirt there’s options for everyone!

Perth is a stunning city that is blessed with natural beauty! There simply isn’t a better place to explore by bike.


Awesome Trails!

The Perth hills offer awesome trails! Just on the fringe of the city and a perfect opportunity to get into the bush and enjoy great runs!


Amazing River and Coastal Rides!

Perth offers incredible cycling with amazing circuits along the coast or around Perth’s beautiful Swan and Canning rivers! There’s something for everyone and a different option for every day!

Find your ride!

What are you waiting for start your adventure today!

It’s as easy as clicking on the surfer or cyclist below to find gear in Perth near you now!


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