Renter FAQ


Frequently asked questions – Renters

I need gear right now. How do I find it?

Users can browse listings filtered by category (surf, bike and snow) or by location (in list format or via a clickable map). Once you’ve found the gear you need, simply select your dates and send a request to the owner. Once the owner has confirmed the rental, you are free to arrange a pick up and start your adventure!

What do I do if the Owner doesn’t respond?

A big priority for us right now is to increase the percentage of requests that turn into confirmed bookings. Of course, we realise that things come up. Owners can be on vacation, away from WIFI, or unable to respond due to their regular day job needs. Once again, because of the variation in Owner responses, we recommend that Renters request multiple rides at a time by contacting Owners using the Quipmo communication functionality in order to increase the chances of finding one that works.

What if i’ve booked a rental but the Owner doesn’t show?

If you have booked and paid for a rental but the Owner doesn’t show and doesn’t respond to communication for more than 24 hours after the scheduled pick-up, we recommend that you take the following steps:

  1. Contact Quipmo and notify us of the Owner’s misconduct
  2. Commence the PayPal disputed payments process as described in the following link:

If I searched and there is no gear available, what should I do?

-Here are a few things that could be happening-

  1. We might not have gear listed in your search area yet.
  2. Try zooming in and out and scanning around. Sometimes gear can just be on the edge or outside of the map area on your screen.
  3. Try clearing filters. It may be that your search is applying old filters that are preventing gear from showing up on the map.

-If none of this works:

Feel free to contact usWe are consistently working on building inventory around the world so we have contacts with shops and clubs in a variety of places! If you can’t find gear that works for you, send us an email and we can work on finding a friend with gear for you to rent!

Can I ask a Owner to deliver the gear?

Most Owners prefer to have you pick up the gear where it is listed, but some are willing to deliver their gear with an additional fee. Still, feel free to ask the Owner if they’re willing to change the pick up location.

Can I ask for a discount?

If you are renting for multiple dates or gear from a single Owner, you might want to ask if he or she is willing to give a discount. If you like the gear, but want to ask for a different price, it is up to you and the Owner to work together to find an agreeable rental cost. The Owner has the ability to change the price of each individual reservation, and can do so as soon as an agreeable price has been reached.

Do I need to bring additional items such as a lock, helmet, board leash or paddle?

If an Owner has these items available, they will show in the description of the gear. If you are not completely sure, use our chat messaging feature to ask if they’re provided so you don’t show up unprepared. Some Owners will only provide the basics and you’ll have to bring your own extras.

What if I want gear for the weekend but I have nowhere to keep it overnight?

Sorry, but renting gear with a same-day return is probably your best option. We highly recommend that you DO NOT leave any gear outside overnight because it puts you in a high risk situation. Keep in mind, our renters’ agreement makes you liable for theft, loss, or damage of the gear.

Do I have insurance with Quipmo when I rent?

Yes, all rentals completed through Quipmo in Australia and New Zealand are covered by a $10 million 3rd party public and products liability insurance policy. We are working hard to ensure ALL rentals are covered by this policy in the future. Further details on how this policy protects you can be found here.

Still have more questions? Visit our Help Centre to find out more!