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Quipmo works with the University of Queensland!

Quipmo is delighted to advise that we are working with the University of Queensland’s MBA programme!

The best in the business!

The University of Queensland Business School is celebrating a record five years as the leading MBA provider in Australia and the Asia-Pacific in The Economist rankingThe Economist named the school’s Master of Business Administration as the number one MBA outside Europe and North America for the fifth year running, and internationally, it has raised its rank by six places to become one of the top 10 MBA programs in the world!

Innovation is at the heart of competitive advantage!

Innovation has been described as the fundamental source of competitive advantage. Quipmo is devoted to staying ahead of the curve by continuing to implement innovative solutions. By ensuring an ever improving user experience we will drive faster expansion and faster take up ie we want to lead innovation for sustainable competitive advantage.

Qupimo’s founder Chris Evans noted “working with team from the University of Queensland’s MBA Innovation Leadership unit to develop Quipmo’s strategic path forward, help us learn more about our customers, and also derive how we can further improve our service offering is incredibly exciting. The better the experience that we can offer our customers, the greater the traction we’ll gain in the market.”

The University of Queensland is one of true leaders in driving innovation in Australia and is also a key player in establishing vibrant and sustainable start-up and innovation ecosystems in Queensland – from education, through to accelerators. For some insight into these efforts, as well as broader thinking on innovation, a fantastic chat on the ABC between Trevor Jackson and Dr Sarel Gronum talking about Start-ups worth starting up can be found via the link below!

Our team

We’ve got a truly awesome team working on the project – bringing super sharp minds and diverse backgrounds to the table!
|  Tim Muller  |

|  Deanna Scott  |

|  Vincenzo Montalbano  |

|  Ben Jones  |


So what’s the latest … 

Quipmo continues to move forward in leaps and bounds and after just seven months from beta launch Quipmo already possesses listings in seven countries, has over 70,000 social followers growing at over 2,000 per week and is forming key strategic partnerships across the globe that will underpin rapid expansion! The feedback that the organisation has received so far has been amazing and Quipmo’s future looks brighter with each day!

If you’ve got gear be sure to get it up on Quipmo and let’s make someone’s adventure today!


In adventure,

Chris and the Quipmo team!

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