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Quipmo Appoints Alex Hender as Head of Operations – SA!

Quipmo are absolutely delighted to announce that Quipmo has appointed Alex Hender as Head of Operations – SA. Alex Hender has come on board to launch our South Australian operations, leveraging his experience in technology, deep understanding of the share economy and passion for all types of cycling!

Equipment for the moment!


“There is such incredible potential for Quipmo in South Australia given it’s vibrant tourism industry, large international student population and outdoor orientated lifestyle. To have someone of Alex’s calibre join our team is a fantastic boon for Quipmo! His deep understanding of the South Australian market, fantastic experience across both market places and mobility platforms, and his love of all things cycling makes him a perfect fit for Quipmo!” Quipmo’s Founder and CEO Chris Evans said.



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Alex grew up in a retail sales environment, gaining a deep understanding of the small-to-medium business sector across a range of industries, before joining Uber to build up the Uber Eats business in South Australia. This led to him successfully launching OFO Bike Sharing into this market.


Throughout his career, Alex has focused on business development, project management, behaviour change and operations, making him an ideal addition to the team as Quipmo scales up. Alex’s experience in hypergrowth environments including Reid Cycles, Uber and OFO has equipped him with the skills and resilience necessary to develop the culture, structure and performance necessary for sustainable, defensible growth. His deep understanding of the underlying technology and market dynamics is tempered by the ability to communicate those concepts to gear owners, with the intent of dramatically accelerating the volume of gear listed on the Quipmo platform.


On a personal level, Alex sees massive potential in Quipmo increasing the utilisation of gear across the world, unlocking value for gear owners and providing convenient opportunities for people looking for gear. As a frequent traveller than who owns far more bikes than he can possibly ride, Quipmo is a natural fit.


“I’ve seen first-hand a range of businesses and individuals with a lot gear gathering dust and failing to offer them a good return. Conversely, there’s a huge community of riders, skiers, skaters and other sportspeople that would jump at the chance to rent great gear when they travel or try a new sport. What’s been missing is the platform – we need a powerful, reliable marketplace to connect these communities. That’s what Quipmo gives us.” Alex said.


If you’ve got gear be sure to get it up on Quipmo and let’s make someone’s adventure today!



In adventure,

Chris and the Quipmo team!

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