After a life changing canyoning accident in the Swiss Alps, Jezza Williams looked into the adaptive adventure industry. Blown away at the lack of opportunities and infrastructure, Makingtrax was born.

Makingtrax‘s not for profit platform, initiates and facilitates experiences for people who normally would not have access to them.

Initially focused on finding leading adventure companies that would tailor trips for Makingtrax’s clients, their experience and knowledge of the industry expanded. Makingtrax opened groundbreaking opportunities and has provided life changing adventure experiences for appreciative clients ever since.

Makingtrax helps to transforms adventure companies by educating and when necessary designing and/or acquiring adaptive equipment to make their activities possible to all abilities.

Over the last few years they have been providing adaptive adventure experiences and fully guided tours, whilst developing inclusive adventure tourism operators.

Partnership Agreement – everyone deserves adventure – Makingtrax and Quipmo are going to make that so!



Inclusive tourism is exciting and rewarding. In this rapidly changing industry, education, information & adaptation can provide endless adventure opportunities. Everybody’s ability & thoughts of what is an ideal adventure is unique but everybody deserves the right to be given equal opportunities. Makingtrax’s vision is to see NZ tourism embrace all abilities and adapt their offerings, providing ultimate experiences to all is one that Quipmo fully believes in and supports!


Quipmo’s founder and CEO Chris Evans said: “We’re absolutely stoked to be working with MakingTrax – NZ’s preeminent inclusive adventure NFP, so that everyone in the community is included in enjoying amazing experiences, both solo, and with the ones that they care about!”



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