Tips for pickup/drop off


Pick-up, During rental, Drop-off

Picking up your rental

Once your rental request has been accepted, you can arrange a suitable time and location to pick up the gear. We strongly recommend that you take photos of the gear at the time of pick-up and document any existing issues. If you receive gear that doesn’t work as promised, be sure to notify both the Owner and Quipmo of the issue right away.

During the rental

It is the Renter’s responsibility to return gear in the same condition that he or she found it. Before a rental takes place, we require the Renter to sign our rental agreement and accept our terms and conditions. Remember, our terms and conditions state that the Renter is liable for any damages, loss, or theft of gear.

To make sure you don’t encounter any issues during the rental, we recommend you follow the below steps:

  1. Treat the gear as if it were your own
  2. Never leave gear unattended, in an unlocked vehicle or left outside overnight
  3. Use gear for the purpose it was designed and nothing else
  4. Always operate the gear in a safe environment and do not attempt to use the gear beyond your capabilities


Communicate clearly with the Owner when arranging a time and location to drop-off gear. Late drop-off’s may incur extra charges if they haven’t been agreed with the Owner. If you are not able to make the agreed drop-off time and cannot contact the Owner you must contact Quipmo immediately to arrange an alternate drop-off location and time.