Paying for your rental


Paying for your rental

Once you have sent a rental request and the Owner has approved it, you will be able to confirm and pay for the reservation. You will receive a message as soon as the Owner has approved the rental request you sent. Once this happens, you will be asked to either confirm and pay for the rental or cancel it.

Payment 2

Payment 4

To confirm your rental, you must use a credit or debit card. After payment is processed, you will receive a final order confirmation via email. We also send the Owner a confirmation so they will know to save the date for you.

Payment 6

Payment 5

Renters can either pay with credit card, Visa debit card, debit Mastercard or directly through their PayPal account.

What cards are supported?

The most common cards are accepted. To check what cards are allowed in your country:

  • Open this page.
  • Select your country from the dropdown menu.
  • Click anywhere on the page to make it refresh automatically.
  • The supported cards are listed on the page.

Do Renters need a PayPal account?

If a Renter is paying with their credit card, PayPal may request them to create an account. In some countries or in some situations, this may be mandatory. In other countries, Renters may skip the PayPal account creation process.

You can contact PayPal support to learn more about the way this works in your country.

Do Owners need a PayPal account?

Yes – a PayPal account is required if an Owner wants to receive money from rentals.