Gear rentals in Australia and New Zealand are covered for damage, theft and loss by the Quipmo Insurance policy.

Quipmo Insurance

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Quipmo Insurance

Quipmo provides protections and insurance so as to ensure peace of mind whilst you complete a rental.

While you’re unlikely to experience any property damage, theft or loss during a rental, we understand the need for protection. That’s why we’ve worked closely with our community to develop appropriate protections along with offering The Quipmo Insurance policy that affords coverage in Australia and New Zealand.



  • Policy: The Quipmo Insurance policy
  • Coverage: Gear rented through Quipmo in Australia and New Zealand is covered for damage, theft and accidental loss up to $5,000 through The Quipmo Insurance policy.*
  • Limit: AUD Bike – $5,000. SUP and Kite – $2,000. Surf, Snow/Ski – $1,000
  • Insured: Gear Owners

 We are constantly working to secure coverage for new locations so watch this space!


* The following Gear types are covered under Quipmo’s insurance: Bikes (all excluding powered or electric), snowboards, skis, surfboards, SUPs, bodyboards, canoes, kayaks, waveskis, kiteboards and windsurf equipment. The Quipmo Insurance policy offers protection to a Gear Owner should a Renter default on their obligations, and the Owner’s own business insurance policy and or home and contents insurance policy not accept a claim. More details can be found here.