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Frequently asked questions – Shops

What is Quipmo?

Quipmo is the Surf, Bike and Snow peer to peer marketplace that lets individuals and stores rent their gear to like minded travellers and locals who share a passion for adventure.

How does Quipmo work?

As a Quipmo user you can make money by renting the gear you own to others and have access to any gear you don’t own or have access to (i.e. whilst travelling) by renting it off someone just like you.

I’m a shop, can I still use Quipmo?

Yes, of course! Quipmo aims to be a global marketplace allowing users to easily search, find and rent gear in their location. Listing your shop’s gear with Quipmo provides instant access to our global community and can help drive traffic to your doorstep.

Is there a different cost for shops?

Listing gear on Quipmo is free and users may list and browse as many items as they like. Our standard service fee applies to all transactions, however in some cases we may offer rebates and / or commissions to high volume users. If you are interested in finding out more about a business development partnership with Quipmo, we’d love to hear from you!

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