How to Receive Payments


How to receive payments – Stripe or Paypal

Owners can select to use either of the world’s premier gateways: Stripe or Paypal. To receive funds directly to your bank account simply add your bank details and payments will be facilitated via Stripe or alternatively simply connect your PayPal business account. If you select Stripe, you’ll receive funds with each successful transaction roughly seven days after the transaction or with Paypal it’s immediately. Setting things up is super easy and can be done by clicking your name from the top bar -> Settings -> Payments.




Types of PayPal accounts that work with Quipmo

Quipmo  accepts Paypal Business accounts, and if you don’t already have one It’s incredibly easy to set up a business account if you’re running a business. It’s easy and there aren’t any set up fees to get everything up and running!

Business Accounts

If you’re running a business but don’t have a PayPal Business account, upgrading your existing PayPal Personal account or creating a new PayPal Business account is quick and free of charge. There are no additional costs involved.

To upgrade to a PayPal business account, go to If you are an individual, just enter your own name when PayPal asks for a “business name”.