How to list gear


Listing Gear

Step 1 Give yourself a pat on the back. Congratulations for taking the first step and becoming part of our community!

Step 2 If you’ve already signed in, click the button ‘Post a new listing’. If you haven’t signed up or logged in yet, this button will still appear in the same place, however you’ll be prompted to┬álogin or sign up before adding a listing

Post new listing

Step 3 – Select your category (Surf, Bike or Snow)


Step 4 – Select a sub-category (eg: SUP, Mountain biking, Accessories ect)


Step 5 – Add a title to you listing, set a price and provide a detailed description of your gear


Step 6 – Add a location

Step 7 – Upload your photos


Step 8 – Put your feet up and wait! When a user finds your gear, you’ll receive an email letting you know and you can finalise the booking from there