Trust and Safety



There is Nothing More Valuable Than Trust

 And trust starts with standards! Our community has standards, really high standards in fact. Our Standards and Expectations are here to keep our community happy, safe and protected so that we can adventure today and tomorrow!



Real People – Real Experiences – Real Adventure


Verified ID

All of our Owners and Renters verify their IDs by connecting with their social networks or providing an email address. In addition, all Owners are verified through Paypal or Stripe.

Profile & Reviews

Get to know the gear’s owner or the person keen to rent your gear through detailed profiles and confirmed reviews.


Use our messaging system to learn more about the gear – straight from its owner.



A Secure Platform

Quipmo offers Gear Owners the choice of using either of the world’s two premier payment gateways: Stripe or Paypal. Both take the hassle out of receiving payments / paying online. See how Paypal protects you here





Quipmo Insurance

Quipmo provides protections and insurance so as to ensure peace of mind whilst you complete a rental.

While you’re unlikely to experience any property damage, theft or loss during a rental, we understand the need for protection. That’s why we’ve worked closely with our community to develop appropriate protections along with offering The Quipmo Insurance policy that affords coverage in Australia and New Zealand.


Learn more about Quipmo’s Insurance here





Help is Always Close By

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