Fiji Surfing Association


Fiji Surfing Association


The Fiji Surfing Association (FSA) is the sole national governing body in all matters relating to surfing, and access to surfing beaches for the public of Fiji. It is the mission of the FSA to bring the sport of surfing to the people of Fiji by encouraging and enabling mass participation with emphasis on youth and children.

The association also educates people about water safety and the importance of the environment, to ensure that the natural resources of the Fiji Islands are maintained for the future enjoyment of tomorrow’s children.

The Fiji Surfing Association and the world’s leading equipment sharing platform, Quipmo and have signed partnership!!


Fiji is one of the most beautiful parts of the world and is a holiday makers paradise! When there are so many amazing things to try and so much fun to be had, it’s simply not possible to take every kind of gear with you. This partnership now makes it easier than ever to give travellers access to great gear, when they want it, and all the while supporting the local community. There’s just nothing better than enjoying an authentic experience when you travel!

FSA said of the partnership – “The surfing community in Fiji is extremely fortunate to have Quipmo on board and showing interest in our region. This is a game changer for small businesses and particularly for visitors looking to incorporate a little local knowledge into their activities away from home. We at FSA can’t wait to see the potential unfold and begin sharing this tool with the rest of Fiji.”



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