Damage, theft and loss


Damage, Theft and Loss


Any theft, loss or damage occurring during a rental window is the sole responsibility of the Renter.


If gear is damaged during a rental, you should immediately contact the Owner to assist the situation and coordinate repair or reimbursement. All damage should be documented via the Quipmo Pre/Post Rental Forms.

When a Renter is found to be responsible for damaged gear, he or she should liaise with the Owner directly to organise a reimbursement for repair costs in accordance with and up to those detailed within Schedule 1 – Damage / Cost Schedules of the Quipmo Rental Agreement (Schedule) or if total loss due to theft, loss or damage, then replacement in accordance with Quipmo’s Terms and Conditions  .

Notwithstanding this, for further peace of mind, The Quipmo Insurance policy offers Owners additional protection. More details can be found here.


If your gear is stolen or damaged during the rental you should alert Quipmo immediately (this must occur within 24 hours of the rental’s conclusion) via here.