Quipmo's last adventure

It is with deep sadness and a very heavy heart that I advise that Quipmo has closed its doors.

Over this past seven years it has been our absolute honour to connect individuals, charities and businesses with like-minded travellers and locals who share a passion for adventure!

After fighting our very best fight against not only Covid but the repeated unprecedented flooding in Australia, Quipmo’s board and I were faced with this incredibly difficult and saddening decision. Deteriorating conditions in the global economy coupled with a contraction in early stage investment in Australia along with thematic trepidation around travel and leisure – both at an investment and partnership level, led to the company being unable to raise our next round and we simply ran out of time and cash to take the business forward. Collectively these circumstances meant a complete shut-down was inevitable.

Despite fighting uphill nonstop as a young travel and leisure tech startup caught in the maelstrom of a global pandemic and multiple natural disasters, it’s been an incredible journey and for all of the challenge and ups and downs, our world class team gave it their absolute all. It was my absolute honour and privilege to work alongside them. I will be forever grateful to our investors, our partners, our vendors, our merchants and of course our wonderful customers who shared our vision to help people to do more of what they love, more often!

I am immensely proud of what we accomplished and as Quipmo’s founder, I know that we simply couldn’t have worked any harder nor been any more creative in our efforts. The challenge to make on demand access to adventure remains unsolved however, and for this we’re deeply sorry. We considered and explored every option before making this very difficult decision but were simply left with no alternative.

Whilst we weren’t quite able to crack the sky as we had dreamt, we take great pride and great joy in the knowledge that our wonderful customers made lifelong memories and enjoyed amazing adventures with aid of the platform.

Quipmo’s adventure may have come to an end, but we hope through our efforts that you’ve been inspired to fill every day with a little more of what you love!

Faithfully and forever in adventure,

Chris Evans


Founder and CEO