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Have more gear than you actually need or maybe hasn’t been used in a while? What if you’re travelling somewhere and can’t afford to bring it all with you? This is where Quipmo can help.

The Quipmo Quick Steps!

Listing Gear

In just a few clicks, anyone can list their gear on Quipmo through our website. Once listed, set a rental price (in AUD) and select accessories to be included with the rental. From there, like minded individuals in your area can easily find your gear to rent.

Finding Gear

When you find gear and an owner that you like simply request the rental, select your dates and a notification will be sent directly to the owner for approval. You can contact owners directly through Quipmo’s communication feature.

Reserve a Booking

Once approved, finalise the booking by selecting your preferred payment method via our secure payment processing platform.

Finalise Details

Quipmo does not provide any personal information such as an owners’ full name, address or phone number. Through the communication function, an owner and a renter can easily communicate and coordinate as much as they feel comfortable.  Funds are dispersed once the Owner and Renter agree to the rental.

Collect the Gear and Go!

Meet up – complete the Pre-Rental Form – Adventure!

The Gear is Returned and the Post-Rental Form is completed

Upon completion, the gear is returned and the Post-Rental Form is completed by both parties.

Rate Your Experience

Our peer review system then allows the owner and renter to provide feedback and a rating to let each other know how they went.

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What are you waiting for?

List your gear today to make money and meet people just like you!

Rent the perfect gear whilst travelling to save the hassle of transport and start your adventure today!


A Picture Tells a Thousand Words ..

process*Note: Gear Owners receive funds immediately if they have selected Paypal as their payment gateway or within about seven days if Stripe is selected by connecting one’s bank account.

Click here to view and download copies of the pre/post rental forms

How Are You Protected?

We take the protection of our Community very seriously and ensure the highest levels of protection are in place.


Profile Verification

All of members have their profile’s verified through their social media accounts or email addresses. Our Community is full of real people just like you.


Peer Review

Following every transaction both gear Owners and and Renters can review each other and their experience. Profiles are constantly monitored and Quipmo admin can remove users who do not meet community standards.


Insurance is already in place for key locations with new countries being added all of the time!

Stripe & Paypal

Gear Owners can select to have payments made through either Stripe or Paypal. Stripe and Paypal take the hassle out of receiving payments or paying online as the world’s premier online payment gateways. See how Paypal protects you here

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Trust & Safety

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Standards & Expectations

At Quipmo we have high standards and expectations of our users. Click the image above to find out more about the Quipmo Standards and Expectations.


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