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Quipmo’s Awesome Team is Growing!!

Quipmo are absolutely stoked to announce that Simon O’Sullivan has joined the Quipmo team as Operations Specialist – WA. Simon brings phenomenal experience to Quipmo and truly is a global surf industry expert! He is also currently General Manager of Shark Mitigation Systems – a world leading marine technology company, was formerly Chief Operating Officer for the global surfboard brand Rusty’s Australian operations, and previous to that was WA State Manager for the world leading Wetsuit brand Rip Curl.

Equipment for the moment!


“Simon is charged with radically driving the supply side of Quipmo’s platform for key surfing product categories in Western Australia. This will be a lynchpin to Quipmo’s growth in the state and is something that we have pretty bold plans to build upon. Having someone of Simon’s professional calibre share our belief in Quipmo and in our vision of the organisation’s potential is incredibly exciting.” Quipmo Co-founder Chris Evans said.


Simon above with Shark Mitigation Systems (SAMS) shark deterrent technology in a Rusty surfboard and a Radiator wetsuit!

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Simon O’Sullivan offered this on joining the Quipmo team – “When I learnt of the Quipmo concept, I immediately thought of the endless possibilities open to people with a thirst for adventure, that need access to equipment when they need it, to enjoy their passion whenever and wherever they are! To join a team delivering that sort of satisfaction for like-minded individuals was a no-brainer.”

“At Quipmo we’re equally focussed on creating a fantastic culture where people can have fun but are empowered and encouraged to achieve awesome things. Simon has an incredible track record, is a fantastic guy and is a real pleasure to work with – we can’t wait to see what we can achieve together but we have no doubt that it is going to be amazing!” Evans said.

Quipmo continues to move forward in leaps and bounds and after just three months from beta launch Quipmo already possesses listings in six countries, has over 35,000 social followers growing at over 1,000 per week and is forming key strategic partnerships across the globe that will underpin rapid expansion! The feedback that the organisation has received so far has been amazing and Quipmo’s future looks brighter with each day!


If you’ve got gear be sure to get it up on Quipmo and let’s make someone’s adventure today!



In adventure,

Chris, Max and the Quipmo team!

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