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Quipmo and the APB World Tour announce global partnership!



Quipmo and the APB World Tour announce global partnership to get more people bodyboarding all over the world!



  • Quipmo is the surf, bike and snow peer to peer gear rental marketplace for like-minded travellers and locals who share a passion for adventure!
  • The Association of Professional Bodyboarding (APB) World Tour is the sole governing body of professional bodyboarding – crowning bodyboarding’s undisputed world champions!
  • Quipmo and the APB World Tour announce global partnership to get more people bodyboarding all over the world!
  • Connecting people with great gear for adventures just became a whole lot easier!


The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) World Tour is the sole governing body of the World Bodyboarding Tour – crowning bodyboarding’s undisputed world champions. The APB World Tour also represents the athletes, officials & event promoters with the paramount goal of delivering the sport of bodyboarding to a vast growing audience of spectators, supporters and fans around the world and also develop the sport from the grass roots level right through to the world’s elite top 32 professional bodyboarders. The APB World Tour is dedicated to showcasing the world’s elite bodyboarders in the world’s best waves, celebrating and growing the history of bodyboarding, its elite athletes, diverse fans and dedicated partners that together embody bodyboarding today.


Professional bodyboarding was birthed in Hawaii at the infamous Pipeline in 1982. Since then, as major extreme sports evolved, bodyboarding has grown globally in the recent years with numbers of participants exceeding the tens of millions across the globe. With the sport expanding at a rapid pace, the future prospects are nothing shy of phenomenal!


Quipmo and the APB World Tour announce global partnership to get more people bodyboarding all over the world!


Quipmo and the APB World Tour have big plans to get more people bodyboarding and to substantially improve access to bodyboards worldwide. Whether it’s at the grassroots getting kids bodyboarding on holidays or whether it’s giving access to the latest gear releases through demonstration models – this partnership will get more people in the water and more people passionate about bodyboarding!
Quipmo’s founder and CEO Chris Evans said:

“We’re absolutely over the moon to be partnering with a truly world class organisation who are driving bodyboarding to the forefront of action sports globally

and who are have great ambition to open new markets. We’re equally stoked to be working with people who are just as passionate about adventure and the water as we are. We can’t wait to be part of bodyboarding’s rapid growth and to offer a place where people can get or rent out their gear safely, efficiently and with a process that is … easy.”


“We’re stoked to be able to partner with Quipmo on an incredible concept. I honestly can’t see this not working at all – it’s a no brainer idea and will take off! We are super stoked to be part of it especially at ground level.”

said Alex Leon CEO ABP World Tour.
Deloitte Access Economics estimates that the collaborative economy already makes up around 1-2% of the retail goods market in Australia[1]. Given that on average 8 million different Australians interact with eBay on a monthly basis[2], and with Time Magazine’s recent findings that 70% of Americans have directly participated in the share economy[3], it’s not hard to imagine the potential impact of this partnership in Australia and abroad.


“Helping people have small adventures more frequently by giving them access to great gear all around the world is incredibly exciting. Everyone smiles when they’re doing something they enjoy – through this partnership we hope to make those adventures a whole lot easier.”

Evans said.


Have you got gear … 

If you’ve got gear be sure to get it up on Quipmo and let’s make someone’s adventure today!


In adventure,

Chris and the Quipmo team!

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