How to list gear


Listing Gear

Step 1 Give yourself a pat on the back. Congratulations for taking the first step and becoming part of our community!

Step 2 If you’ve already signed in, click the button ‘Post a new listing’. If you haven’t signed up or logged in yet, this button will still appear in the same place, however you’ll be prompted to login or sign up before adding a listing

Post new listing

Step 3 – Select your category (Surf, Bike or Snow)


Step 4 – Select a sub-category (eg: SUP, Mountain biking, Accessories ect)


Step 5 – Add a title to you listing, set a price and provide a detailed description of your gear


Step 6 – Add a location

Step 7 – Upload your photos


Step 8 – Put your feet up and wait! When a user finds your gear, you’ll receive an email letting you know and you can finalise the booking from there