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Cape Town – the outdoor adventurers’ ultimate playground

Mountain biking, surfing, road cycling, kiting, triathlon, paragliding – the list goes on and Cape Town, South Africa has it all!

I was fortunate enough to spend a few days here on the way to a wedding and immediately fell in love with its vibrant atmosphere and stunning visual setting.

We spent a day hiking Table Mountain and another day at the beach (hoping to go kitesurfing!). Unfortunately, the wind gods weren’t on our side that day but we still enjoyed a fantastic day out in the sun.

Travelling light for the wedding meant I was without any of my usual gear (kites, bikes and boards) so finding gear did prove to be a bit of a challenge.

If you’re planning to head there any time soon – best bet for kite/surf gear is in Bloubergstrand which is about 15km North East of the city. Listed below are some of the stores we visited:

Best Kiteboarding Africa –

Surfstore Africa –

Cabrinha Kiteboarding South Africa –

Cape Kites South Africa –

Watch this space however as we are in talks with several shops and gear owners to get their gear up soon!


Quipmo’s Adventure Has Begun!

It’s been an absolute whirlwind but we’ve been blown away by how incredibly positive the feedback has been so far!

What an absolutely amazing start we’ve had to the Quipmo adventure! We’ve received so much incredibly positive feedback, received so much interest and have already incorporated numerous pieces of awesome feedback that we’ve received from our users to make the Quipmo experience even better!! 

It’s just the beginning but we’re making adventure easy!


A Startup – one foot after the other …

There’s nothing quite like setting up a start up – every day is new and your task list just keeps growing – but that’s what makes it fun – the constant problem solving and the constant looking at what might be – the constant aim of creating something awesome! The thing that is perhaps most fun however is being able to try new things and make changes to improve Quipmo. We just want to create a community where our gear owners and our gear renters have an amazing experience. From our perspective all of our work to date has just earnt us our place at Everest’s base camp – the mountain is in front of us – it’s time for us to simply put one foot after the other and remember exactly what we’re trying to achieve – for Quipmo to be the place where people can rent gear, or rent out their gear safely, efficiently and with a process that is, well … easy. 

Celebrating the little things

After spending nearly twelve months working behind the scenes on Quipmo, it’s been nothing shy of phenomenally exciting to have launched site in beta! Like any startup Chris, Max and the Quipmo team are putting in a huge amount of effort behind the scenes and like with any great journey it’s important to celebrate the wins along the way! There’s already been a number of things to celebrate but there really was nothing like the first listing post our beta launch – a full kite surfing kit listed in Auckland, New Zealand!! Almost as exciting was the very first kayak listing in our paddle category!! 

It really is just the beginning but we are definitely taking steps forward – one at a time.

Another great reason to celebrate

On another note completely and something that has absolutely nothing to do with building Quipmo but that has had Chris smiling from ear to ear is the purchase of a new toy – a JS Hyfi Black Box2! Rated the 2016 SBIA Board of the Year – it’s definitely got an incredible rap! We keep you posted on exactly how Chris goes with it but all of the details on these awesome boards can be found on JS’s site.

For interest Chris weighs 80kgs and at 37 is well past his prime paddling days. He’s gone with a 5′ 11″, 20″, 2 7/16″ – 30.5 Ltr model and all of the other dimension options are noted the graphic.

To see the Hyfi in action – there’s no better example than the footage in the JS vid below:

Quipmo is gathering momentum and together we are going to create an awesome community where adventure is made easy. Our first step is to build up the number of listings on the site so that adventure really is at people’s fingertips.


If you’ve got gear be sure to get it up on Quipmo and let’s make someone’s adventure today!


In adventure,

Chris, Max and the Quipmo team!

Check out and start your adventure today!

Sign up to the Quipmo mailing list now and stay up to date with all things adventure! 

Quipmo is live!

The wait is over – Quipmo is live in beta now!

Quipmo is the surf, bike and snow peer to peer rental marketplace for like minded travellers and locals who share a passion for adventure!


We all need adventure! Maybe you’re travelling in a remote part of the world and keen to rent off a local, maybe you’re away on business and just want to take a SUP out for a paddle after work rather than using the hotel gym, or maybe you just want to try something new – whether that’s a new sport or a new board? All of these things should be easy and all of these things should be right at your fingertips! But if you’re like us there’s a good chance you have pre-loved pieces of gear lying around the house too.

And here’s where things get interesting – whether you’re a shop looking to gain income from your second hand stock or an individual – why not put those bits of gear to work and make a few bucks off them, and not to mention make someone else’s day too!

We just wanted a place where people could rent out their gear safely, efficiently and with a process that was, well … easy.

Whatever the day, find your ride and adventure today!


Where is Quipmo from

Quipmo is the brainchild of Australian’s Chris Evans and Max Taylor. Chris and Max met as housemates in 2015. From day 1, it became apparent that they both shared a passion for travel and the outdoors. Whilst the standard 9-5 was very much their focus, it was the thrill of weekend adventures and holiday travel that was cherished the most.

Life was hectic for the two as they juggled study and work but many nights were spent reminiscing about adventures had all over the globe. Throughout the countless hours of banter, a common theme emerged – finding quality gear for an adventure whilst travelling was always a challenge. Both agreed that the difficulty and cost of transporting gear made having an adventure away from home especially difficult. This had been a source of great frustration over the years, and was the key problem to solve – how to make access to quality gear for adventures more efficient, affordable and readily available.

After countless brainstorming sessions, thousands of hours of research, spamming friends with surveys and almost a year’s worth of skype credit, Quipmo is born! A place where adventures are made easy!

Adventure Made Easy!

Quipmo is the surf, bike and snow peer to peer gear rental marketplace for like minded travellers and locals who share a passion for adventure!

Already with gear listed in five countries and with the third largest social media presence in the sector globally, interest in Quipmo has been nothing shy of amazing.

For those looking for an adventure whether travelling abroad, away on business or maybe just wanting to try something new, Quipmo gives you choice right at your fingertips!


In adventure,

Chris, Max and the Quipmo team!


Check out and start your adventure today!


Sign up to the Quipmo mailing list now and stay up to date with all things adventure! 


Happy New Year!

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Max, Chris and the Quipmo crew! We hope that your holidays been full of excitement and adventures.

It has certainly been a busy break for us as we push forward towards our launch and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the ongoing support and patience.

2016 has been an absolute adventure and we cannot wait to launch Quipmo in the new year.

Keep an eye out on all our social media pages for updates as we get closer and we look forward to sharing an adventure or two with you in 2017!


Max, Chris and the Quipmo crew

Quipmo Travel Tips

With the Christmas holiday season almost upon us, we’re sure everyone is busy planning their next adventure. Here at Quipmo we have a little experience in the adventure department and have set out below a few of our golden rules when travelling.


Always plan for delays and try not to get upset when things inevitably go wrong. Patience is extremely important when traveling!


Have you ever gotten to that epic sunset photo spot and realized your camera battery is dead and you don’t have a backup? Try to bring at least two camera batteries on all of trips so that you don’t miss out on that perfect shot.


A medical emergency can wipe out your savings — or even worse. Feel more secure on your adventure knowing you have travel insurance.


Don’t plan your entire itinerary ahead of time. It’s tempting, but those unplanned moments while traveling can be the best memories.


Pack light, because it’s a fact that you won’t use half of the things you initially plan to take with you. Try to keep your luggage easily manageable by yourself as you can often find yourself in situations where you need to move fast and efficiently.


Free Walking Tours are run all over the world now and are a unique way to explore a city. Most run for 3-4 hours with tour guides directing you to many well know and a few lesser visited tourist attractions around a city. Not only will you get to explore a new city but you’ll get to do so with a bunch of strangers who are all full of amazing travel knowledge as well. Word of mouth travel tips can be just as good as chatting to a local.


Perhaps the oldest trick in the book but asking locals about the best places in their town will always trump a guide book’s suggestion. This is where it pays to learn a little of the local language. It shows a willingness to learn about the area. It’s all about the effort, the more you put in the more you get in return.

Be it the owner of the place you’re staying, the cleaner, the guy at the bus stop or a friendly shop owner. All have much more knowledge on their town than you ever will and taking 10 minutes to talk to them could well find you a hidden gem that’s well off the beaten path in the middle of even the biggest cities like London or Rome.

Going somewhere interesting this holiday? We’d love to hear about it! Send us an email at

Happy Adventures!


Quipmo Crew

We’re getting close!

After almost 11 months of hard work we are finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel and are getting very close to launch!

From its humble ‘backyard’ beginnings, Quipmo is on the cusp of its debut as Australia’s first Surf, Bike and Snow peer to peer rental marketplace.

As we pull together final touches to the website, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on where we have come to be at this exiting stage.

Where we’re at…

In a very short space of time we have developed an exciting new user experience based on the sharing economy concept that will allow our users simple and efficient access to quality gear for their next adventure!


After conducting extensive market research and reviewing detailed feedback, we have built a platform that is both robust and intuitive. Our user friendly interface will provide seamless transition from sign up all the way through to rental completion.


We have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback and interest in the concept and we’re extremely excited by the rapid growth in our database sign ups and social media followings.

Key milestones include:

  • ~ 8400 Twitter followers
  • ~ 6400 Instagram followers
  • ~ 2000 database subscribers
  • Listings in 3 different countries

And we haven’t even launched yet!

Nearly there!

Our listings database is fully established and we are currently going through limited user acceptance testing.


Based on the feedback received during our market research campaign, considerable time and resources have been devoted to establishing a robust user protection program that is both feasible and fair. We are hopeful of finalising the commercial terms of this arrangement in the coming days.

Once the terms and conditions are finalised, the website will undergo final user acceptance testing with our launch to follow shortly after!

Where to from here?

If you would like to get early access to the site for our final round of user acceptance testing we’d love to hear from you. Please follow the link below to our contact page and shoot us a note.

Click here to gain early access to our site!

Otherwise, be sure to follow us on all our social channels to keep up to date on our progress as we get ready for our launch!


Chris, Max and the Quipmo Crew

Event Review – Hydrofoil Pro Tour: Perth

If high speed and adrenaline is your thing, make sure you get down to Rockingham, Perth from the 26-29 November to check out the final stop of the 2016 Hydrofoil Pro Tour.


The Hydrofoil Pro Tour brings together the world’s best Hydrofoil Kite Racers to compete at 4 different events around the world. Event locations this year included La Ventana – Mexico, San Francisco – USA, Point D’esny – Mauritius and the final stop in Perth – Australia.

2016 will be the first year the tour has made a stop in Perth, with the previous two years being held in Townsville, Queensland. This year’s event will host 55 riders from 17 countries!


The event will be fiercely contested between current tour leader, Nico Parlier and his US based training partner, Johnny Heineken. These two will be closely followed by another french-man and last year’s winner, Maxime Nocher.

Fighting it out against the best in the world will also be a strong contingent of Australian representatives including reigning national champion Marvin Baumeister and perth local Andy Hansen.

Check out the video below to get a taste of what it’s all about:

For more information on the event visit .


Event Review – Peaks Challenge Gold Coast

Established in 2015 as an addition to the Peaks Challenge series, Peaks Challenge Gold Coast is an event that tests riders from around the world against some of South East Queensland’s toughest climbs.

Set amongst the pristine, sub-tropical rainforests of the Gold Coast Hinterland, Peaks Challenge Gold Coast is not for the faint hearted.

For 235km and more than 4,000 vertical metres, you will journey into the depths of suffering. Your body will scream to stop. Your legs will burn. But this is what it takes to face Peaks Challenge Gold Coast. There’s no room for excuses.

You will also face arguably the toughest climb in the Peaks Challenge series – Henri Roberts Drive (Mount Tamborine), along with Beechmont, Springbrook, Natural Bridge and Tomewin, all set within reach of the Gold Coast’s famous sunset strip and sandy beaches.

This cycling challenge is certainly not for the faint hearted with only 89% of starters making the finish line within the 12 our time limit in its first instalment in 2015.



The route:

The 235km route involves in excess of 4,000m of vertical climbing, starting with the notorious Henri Roberts Drive to the top of Mt Tamborine, looping towards Beechmont before continuing onto Springbrook, Natural Bridge and Tomewin. With five relentless peaks to conquer, your legs will be burning with each climb but you’ll be rewarded with dramatic views at the top.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.32.21 pm


Peak 1: Tamborine

First off on Peaks Challenge Gold Coast is the notorious Henri Robert Drive – a sharp, steep climb up the eastern side of Mount Tamborine which most sensible weekend riders tend to avoid entirely, with at least 371 good reasons – that’s how many metres are gained in just the first 3km of the climb, equating to an average of 12.3%. The road briefly flattens out after this section, before kicking up again to 11.7% over another 3km, including a brief but terrifying 18% brute. As you pass the 18% gradient sign, rest assured that respite isn’t far ahead (as are spectacular views across the Gold Coast), and distract yourself by thinking about all the bragging you will do to your friends once you’ve conquered this beast.



Peak 2: Beechmont

Beechmont: It’s beautiful, but brutal.

First, don’t dismiss the short, sharp ride out of Canungra before you turn right at the Kokoda Army Barracks and continue south towards Beechmont. It’s a good warm-up for what follows – a peaceful, scenic and undulating road through Witheren and along the upper reaches of the Coomera River, before you then cross the “KOM start” marker – which can be quite disheartening given you’ve already climbed almost 200m since Canungra!

Peaks Challenge Gold Coast


Peak 3: Springbrook

The third peak on Peaks Challenge Gold Coast takes you inland from the coast towards Springbrook and the Numinbah Valley, a very popular tourist location on the Gold Coast. It starts with a ‘warm-up’ hill of 130m climbing over 3km starting at Boomerang Farm Golf Course, but then the real climb begins as you cross Little Nerang Creek and stretches for the next 7.7km, until you turn right on Pine Creek Road well before Springbrook village itself.

Peaks Challenge Gold Coast


Peak 4: Natural Bridge

Shortly after a rest stop in the Numinbah Valley, the route encounters a gradual incline over roughly 7km, which is not steep enough to acquire a category rating (any climb needs to have an average gradient of more than 3% to be ‘rated’; this one averages 2.5%).

Following this 7km section is the fourth peak, and the baby of the Peaks Challenge Gold Coast family, “Natural Bridge”. At 5.3km in length, it isn’t short, but with an average gradient of 4.2% you should get up this one without too many dramas.



Peak 5: Tomewin

Tomewin is the final climb of Peaks Challenge Gold Coast and should be your biggest test of the day. Despite having 195km in your legs, this climb is a brute in its own right: 4.4km at an unrelenting average of 7.9% (it’s said to feel more like 9 – 10%).

Peaks Challenge Gold Coast


Peaks 6,7,8……: Road to the finish

These are the climbs that they don’t talk about in the brochure! Be warned there are several tough pinches on the way home to the finishing straight. Rest assured, once you’re through the finish line they’re all but a distant memory.



Check out some highlights from the video below!


Introduction to Quipmo

So first off – what is Quipmo?

Quipmo is the surf, bike and snow peer to peer marketplace that lets individuals and stores rent their gear to like minded travellers and locals who share a passion for adventure!

We all need adventure!

Maybe you’re travelling in a remote part of the world and keen to rent off a local, maybe you’re away on business and just want to take a SUP out for a paddle after work rather than using the hotel gym, or maybe you just want to try something new – whether that’s a new sport or a new board? All of these things should be easy and all of these things should be right at your fingertips!

But if you’re like us there’s a good chance that you have a few pre-loved pieces of gear lying around the house too ..

And here’s where things get interesting – why not put those bits of gear to work and make a few bucks off them, and not to mention make someone else’s day too! We just wanted a place where people could rent out their gear safely, efficiently and with a process that was, well … easy.

What do we want out of Quipmo?

Just for people to lead a life full of adventure and to never have lack of gear getting in the road of making that happen. There’s no better feeling than carving your own path – whether that’s chasing a wave, smashing a trail, shredding your own line down a mountain or boosting into the sky with a kite. Our vision is pretty simple really – the more often people are stoked the more stoked people will be! We want people to get out and #AdventureToday!

Want to know more about how Quipmo works? Click here to find out more.

Welcome to Perth!

Perth: A magic little city that is a true playground! SUP Cottesloe Beach, kite the Swan River, cycle Kings Park, explore Greenmount’s downhill trails or get kegged at Rottnest Island’s secluded breaks. Perth offers warm weather and rich natural beauty at every turn.

Click on the images below to see all of the awesome things that you can do in Perth!

Start your adventure today!


Find your conditions

A climate built for the outdoors!

With over 260 days with sun per year, Perth’s climate offers incredible opportunity to get outdoors and into your next adventure!


Perth’s Weather Now!

See Perth’s weather forecast now and make a call on exactly what adventure you can have today!


Perth’s Surf Forecast!

See the swell, tide and wind forecast and find your perfecct spot whether that’s looking for a baz or a breeze!


Find your surf

Perth is a water lover’s playground!

Perth is built all around the water and city’s culture matches just that! Everything you could want to do is here and right at your fingertips!


Awesome Surf for any Ability!

There are awesome surf spots all around Perth with options perfect for beginners right through to advanced surfers. Whether you’re chasing heaving barrels over at Rottnest or perfect long board rollers at Isolators in Cottesloe – there’s something for everyone!


World Class Water!

With crystal clear water on Perth’s coastline, amazing coral reefs at Rottnest, or perfect flat water on the beautiful Swan River – there’s options all year round and for every adventure!


World Class Wind!

Perth offers world class kiting with some of the best wind in the world! Whether you’re on a foil, twin tip or want to get in the surf – there is every option right at your doorstep!

Find your path

Whether you’re chasing the road or the dirt there’s options for everyone!

Perth is a stunning city that is blessed with natural beauty! There simply isn’t a better place to explore by bike.


Awesome Trails!

The Perth hills offer awesome trails! Just on the fringe of the city and a perfect opportunity to get into the bush and enjoy great runs!


Amazing River and Coastal Rides!

Perth offers incredible cycling with amazing circuits along the coast or around Perth’s beautiful Swan and Canning rivers! There’s something for everyone and a different option for every day!

Find your ride!

What are you waiting for start your adventure today!

It’s as easy as clicking on the surfer or cyclist below to find gear in Perth near you now!


Snow icon