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A bit about us ..

Where did Quipmo come from..

The birthplace of Quipmo was in Brisbane, Australia where co-founders Chris and Max met as housemates having both relocated in 2015.

Chris had come across from Perth to study his MBA and Max had moved up from Melbourne with work. From day 1, it became apparent that they both shared a passion for travel and the outdoors. Whilst the standard 9-5 was very much their focus, it was the thrill of weekend adventures and holiday travel that was cherished the most.

Life was hectic for the two as they juggled study and work but many nights were spent reminiscing adventures had all over the globe. Throughout the countless hours of banter, a common theme emerged – finding quality gear for an adventure whilst travelling was always a challenge. Both agreed that the difficulty and cost of transporting gear made having an adventure away from home especially difficult. This had been a source of great frustration over the years, so they both put on their thinking caps to work out how to make access to quality gear for adventures more efficient, affordable and readily available.

After countless brainstorming sessions, thousands of hours of research, spamming friends with surveys and almost a year’s worth of skype credit, Quipmo was born! A place where adventures are made easy!

But what does an adventure look like for these guys ..


Chris is an avid surfer, has surfed all around world. He’s more a weekend warrior than anything else these days but loves nothing more than getting out in the water with a bunch of mates and getting amongst it!


Max is a globally ranked kite surfer and has competed around the world having previously been an internationally ranked sailor. Max is in the water at any opportunity and spends his other free time on his bike training for triathlons.

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Want to know more about how Quipmo works? Click here to find out more.

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