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Bicycling WA and Quipmo Announce Partnership!

Bicycling Western Australia and Quipmo announce partnership to get more people cycling in WA!


  • Bicycling Western Australia is the premier cycling body for recreational cyclists in Western Australia
  • Quipmo – Equipment for the Moment! – launched in Perth in Feb 2017 is the surf, bike and snow peer to peer gear rental marketplace for like-minded travellers and locals who share a passion for adventure!
  • Bicycling Western Australia and Quipmo announce partnership to get more people cycling in Western Australia!
  • Connecting people with great gear for adventures just became a whole lot easier!

Bicycling Western Australia believe that bike riding gives people the freedom to create a healthier future and works hard to make bike riding easier, safer and more accessible for all Western Australians.

As an independent Western Australian association Bicycling Western Australia aims to improve bike riding in Western Australia for its members and the community at large. With the support of its 4,244 members[6] Bicycling Western Australia advocates for better cycling infrastructure, improved riding conditions and better recognition of bike riders in Western Australia, along with creating and delivering world class cycling events that cater for the serious recreational cyclist through to the fun, community minded!

Bicycling Western Australia and Quipmo are going to get more people cycling in Western Australia! Whether it’s offering high performance road bikes for people travelling on business, an eBike to explore the coast, families chasing bikes for the kids whilst on holidays or whether it’s giving access to the latest gear releases through demonstration models – this partnership will get more people riding and more people passionate about cycling in WA!

There are some 600,000 people who cycle in WA each week[1] and following the most significant investment into cycling infrastructure in the State’s history, this year’s Budget will see a total allocation of more than $134 million over the next four years[2]. Beyond expenditure however is vision, with Fremantle holding ambition to become the most bike-friendly city in Australia[3]. Cycling is a very key part of the Western Australian lifestyle and is something that will underpin the flourishing cycle tourism industry. Whilst still in its infancy in the last 3 years, 7% of Australians had a cycle holiday experience in WA. In addition, 26% of Western Australians undertook a daytrip in WA involving cycling[4]. Overnight visitors who undertake cycling while on holiday is dominated by the intrastate market (200,300 visitors), followed by international (104,400 visitors). These two markets also stay considerably longer than the average visitor; 59 nights for international visitors who undertake cycling compared to 30 nights for the average international visitor, and 5 nights for intrastate visitors who undertake cycling compared to 3.8 nights for the average intrastate visitor[5].

Given tourists access to great gear is fundamental in supporting this fast growing tourism sector and thus the potential for Quipmo to substantially alter the cycle tourism landscape in Western Australia is significant. Whether it’s a local bike shop looking for new customers or someone with bikes in their shed, anyone can now service the Western Australian tourism market. This initiative is not simply for the most dedicated of cyclists but is aimed at the mainstream and offers another string to the bow of Western Australia’s world class tourism industry.

“BWA are thrilled to be working with Quipmo, just thrilled.  It’s great to be supporting a WA based tech start-up, with an idea and concept that feels just right for our members” said Chris Gaskell, BWA CEO.

Quipmo’s founder and CEO Chris Evans said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with Bicycling Western Australia and can’t wait to substantially change bike rental access across WA! Whether people are holidaying in Perth, in Broome, or in Margaret River, there’s no better way to see our beautiful state than on a bike! The whole community has the potential to benefit through this initiative and we can’t wait to see what this fantastic partnership with Bicycling Western Australia can achieve!”








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